HTC One A9 Making A Stand

There was time when HTC reveals pretty amazing smartphone, then after some time the company made some changes in which this changes in features lead to its downfall in sales.

HTC One A9

While other companies continues to create flagship line of device that happen to got better every year., HTC’s One series as flagship device regressed. And just last year this series failed to impress smartphone market.

The main reason was that HTC One A9 share One branding, but this time it had failed to gain market traction.  And now it seems that HTC junked its previous design and taken a new page from Apple as its target design, because as you can see with its rumor picture the device shares common  features and design with iPhone models from apple.

Aside from a flat device, it also has rounded edges similar to what iPhone looks like. Like iPhone and the built in antennas across back. And also talking about the phone camera, this time its camera projects from rear panel.

The only major difference that we see was the Home button on HTC in which it is somewhat oval, not round as to what iPhone has.

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