HTC One A9 goes on sale in the United States

HTC One A9 smartphone

HTC One A9 smartphone

HTC, despite the time and money dedicated to the awesome design of their HTC One M9 device which was in every way made to be a flagship, the market worked against this manufacturer and the customers really just didn’t take much notice of the device. It was like everyone was in the market fir a new smartphone, but most were not just in the market for the One M9. Losing out a lot on this device meant that HTC had to do something extraordinary to better their current situation, and that’s just what they did.

Developing and manufacturing the iPhone 6-like HTC One A9 which was launched sometimes not so long ago, the HTC One A9 goes on to add features that makes it on par with and even, makes it better than the iPhone 6. It really lived up to the word of its manufacturers when they called it an iPhone replacement. Now though, we are left to see how the device would do in the market as it would now be sold in the United States by AT&T, HTC and Sprint. You can also go for the unlocked version on Amazon as it suits you.

If you would be buying on AT&T, the device would come at a 24-month contract plan of $99 or go for $17.34 monthly should you consider the Next 30 plan. Sprint would lease you the One A9 for two years at a cost of $20 monthly and on Amazon, you get the 16GB and 32GB variants for $488.9 and $529 respectively.

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