HTC One A9’s pre-orders and shipping hasn’t been handled well


HTC released its newest flagship smartphone – the HTC One A9 – to various markets and they are doing pretty well there. However, with the introduction of the device of the American market, users in North America have been disappointed with the device as HTC is yet to start churning out the device to customers that have already placed a pre-order. The shipping of the device was pushed off further till yesterday after which the black and grey variants have now been available for sale.

For Verizon users, the device is not expected to launch soon at all as the network carrier is making the device compatible for use on its service. For the launch date on Verizon, the date is still yet to be known. Red and gold colors for the device has been delayed for now and pre-orders for this variant are not even allowed.

The official pricing of the device was also announced to be $399 which only lasted a period of grace till the 7th of November after which the device got an $100 bump in price to $499 and so far, HTC has not played the market well as regards this device.

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