HTC One comes in gold, thanks to Gold Genie

HTC One comes in gold, thanks to Gold GenieWe have seen the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 all go up in gold — real gold — coating while costing arms and legs, though many people in the higher class wouldn’t mind spending that much for buying a normal phone coated in gold.

The wish has now been granted to HTC One lovers who wouldn’t like holding a normal-costing HTC One, thanks to Gold Genie, a China-based company that deals in gold gadgets.

HTC One “gold” is a genuine HTC product with the addition of 24-carat gold on the outer layer of its design. The 32 GB variant of the special-edition will cost you £1,895 (about USD$3,015), while the platinum version can be all yours for a price tag of £2,095 (about USD$3,332). Lastly, the rose gold edition is priced at £1,995 (about USD$3,173).\

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