HTC One M10 Flagship Device Now in the Work


We have not heard much on the upcoming HTC flagship for some quite time, remembering last time, we did hear few things, just months ago, was much information that we can say this is became it was really confusing.

There was HTC One M10, HTC O2, and HTC Perfume, among others, all of them pegged as next big kahuna, and then it all become silent.

Now it seems that HTC is in indeed working a new flagship device and they are preparing it this March as the official release, of course this was according to reports. The information came from our IT Source, alleges that One M10 is back on the flagship device. It is also alleged that special launch event has already been scheduled, and this handset will surely hit in all retail this April.

The source claims that we are looking at metal build with fingerprint scanner, IP78 water and dust proofing, 23 megapixel camera and 3,000mAh phone battery. If all is true it, this only means that HTC listened to many reviews and criticisms that points out to its previous models.

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