HTC One M8 At $190 Now On Ebay

HTC One M8 At $190 Now On Ebay

We found another great sell for those who are still on the process of looking the right phone for them to use for their daily routines.

HTC One M8 At $190 Now On Ebay

This time on Ebay, they are now offering a quick deal for its loyal customers today. At $190 you can now get HTC One M8. This Smartphone device is a Verizon variant, but it is fully unlocked meaning your can fully use the device to most networks like T-Mobile and AT&T.

So this is worth a buy with your penny, as not all those mentioned companies are supported by LTE bands, so therefore you will need a full support for LTE for you to reconsider. But with this capable device, this will be a nice deal for you to catch.

HTC One M8 one was tag as one of the best Smartphone device available when it was first launched last 2014. The device is run by Android Lollipop. And you will be happy to hear that it will receive its Marshmallow update in the near future and this will be a worth wait for you once you own the device.

The seller offers a rock solid track record and this time it even offers free shipping, so this time this will be the perfect timing to take advantage.

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