HTC One (M8) running on Windows Phone 8.1 in tow?

HTC One (M8) running on Windows Phone 8.1 in towIf you are a regular mobile tech reader, then this probably shouldn’t be the first time you will be hearing that HTC wants to make a Windows-powered version of their flagship Android device.

Last year, we heard that Microsoft offered the Taiwanese phone maker some huge amount of money only if they could spin their HTC One to run Windows Phone 8 on some models. However, the deal failed to materialize citing reasons we don’t know.

This year, Microsoft and HTC are at it again. The HTC One (M8) is one of the top Android smartphones out there, and ranks as one of the most premium-built devices running Android OS out there.

It was reported that Microsoft wants to capitalize on the One (M8)’s status. The PC giant is said to be offering HTC some nice incentives once again if the Taiwanese could produce some versions of it’s 2014 with Windows Phone 8.1 running inside.

The story has been flying all over the Internet since Sunday but we are yet to confirm the credibility of the report. We’ll advice you to stay tuned as we feed you the updates all through. Haapy new week!


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