HTC One M8 users could get the Marshmallow soon

HTC One M8 Android Marshmallow

HTC is known for two things – nice smartphones and slow updates. With both staying true, HTC even releases its updates further more than the stipulated time for this release which has given users the mind of post-dating any dates that HTC places on their update rollouts. However, it seems that HTC is looking to reconstruct itself and rollout service as the HTC One M8‘s update to the Android Marshmallow version seems to be coming on board.

HTC One M8 Android Marshmallow

HTC’s One M8 device was seen getting its Bluetooth certification for the Android 6.0 platform and Bluetooth SIG has approved this. Submitting its documents for certification on the 22nd of September, the personnels over at Bluetooth SIG finally gave the device green light a week later on the 29th.

HTC has announced a little while back that late 2015 would see the Marshmallow update come to HTC One M8 users and if we are to go by this approval from Bluetooth SIG, One M8 users can keep their hopes up as they eagerly anticipate this update.

With the Android 6.0 packing on board a lot of improvements to earlier versions, the HTC One M8 could be a big beneficiary and considering the fact that the Marshmallow comes with improved battery options, One M8 users would now be able to get so much more out of their battery which wasn’t that much impressive before.

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