HTC One M9 can be grabbed for up to $40 less on eBay now


If you are in the market for a new phone right now and you don’t mind HTC devices, there is a generous deal going on for you on one of the high-blowing devices that they launched last year and even though the 2016 flagship specs are more different from what we used to have, these ones would still get the job done against some smartphones that we have even seen this year.

Coming as a deal from the stables of eBay, you can now own a unit of the HTC One M9 for a price of $359.95. For this price, you would be getting a SIM-free smartphone that also comes unlocked, which means that you also get to save at least $40 on the smartphone. Considering what the price would have been from Amazon and taking into consideration the colour option of Gunmetal Grey that is being offered here, it would cost you nothing less than $500 to get from eBay.

The smartphone is a high end and although 18 months late, the 5 inch smartphone can still hold itself and get the job done today.

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