HTC One Remix is released exclusively for Verizon

HTC has announced a special model of the One mini 2 for United States carrier, Verizon.

HTC One Remix is released exclusively for Verizon
The smartphone is named HTC One Remix, though it simply has specs identical to the HTC One mini 2. The only major difference lies on the chipset type, which makes it possible for the device to support Verizon’s 4G frequencies, a task the normal One mini 2 will not do.

So apart from the chipset (which is still the same Snapdragon 400 but of a different build), the other changes HTC did on the One Remix is adding 1.5GB of RAM on the phone instead of the 1GB used on the classic One mini 2, plus the battery on the One Remix is 10mAh smaller at 2100mAh.

The HTC One Remix is available for $99.99 on a Verizon two year contract and it’s also available on Verizon’s XLTE network and Edge program.

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