HTC One X9 allegedly leaks, uses Snapdragon 820 and packs 23MP


HTC really has a thing for launching its very high end smartphones and letting them carry the Number 9 tag. From the days of the One M9, which is an high-end in the M series, we have the most recent A9 also which is a flagship in all of its ramifications. Now that the One A9 has launched and has started selling in various markets, there has been speculations for a new high end device coming to the market.

The HTC One X9, as this device has been floated, showed up in a leaked promotional image with this name advertised alongside it also. The promotional image also featured a white phone which if we should go by, means the X9 would come in a color variant of white. Interested users can start taking notes from here.

From China, rumors are starting to fly around and they are currently hinting towards a device with 5 inch of screen built with quad HD display. The device is to run on the latest SoC from Qualcomm – the Snapdragon 820 and a deca-core MediaTek Hello X10 processor. Given that we are used to cota-cores, this should bring some new wave of speed to the table.

There are other possible combinations of features for this device which includes a 4MP front camera coupled to a 23MP rear shooter, a 3500mAh of battery is also expected to supply power to the smartphone.

For now, our knowledge is limited but as time goes on, new things should pop up.

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