HTC Promises To Fix Its Weakness In Its Next Flagship Device

Last year HTC One’s M9 as few problems, those problems dogged HTC phones on the dark days of mobile market, so to be specific the cameras poor quality.

HTC Promises To Fix Its Weakness In Its Next Flagship Device

By looking at the device camera of Samsung, LG and Apple, they have undeniably improved to the next level over the past years, but HTC remains below even on its flagship phones announced in the market.

So now, HTC vows to address the criticism and will deliver twist on its camera with HTC One M10 with its target launch this year.

The HTC COF told on a press conference during the Mobile World Congress that the upcoming flagship device will end the company critics with regards to its poor camera at a high end specs.

Chang did not mention the specific move the company will do to create a knock out camera this year, but somehow the plan is on the way and HTC fans will surely love it when it becomes live.

Our previous leaks show that HTC One 10 has 5.1 inches display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution, Qualcomm 820 processor, at 4 gigabytes RAM and 12 Ultra Pixel resolution and special laser assisted autofocus.

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