HTC Publicized Its Compelling Smartphone Camera

Just day after with their official twitter account teased its fans with its latest M10 device, HTC top executives on a special interview with CNET for a worldwide talk.

HTC Publicized Its Compelling Smartphone Camera

During the CNET interview, the CEO Cher and CFO statesd that HTC’s next device will have a superb imaging capabilities of course better camera than the previous series.

So in the statement alone it simple points out that its next device will have a competing camera feature, of course the company is jumping from 4 megapixel Ultrapixel.

According to our source, HTC’s next flagship device camera will use Sony imaging based sensor that is found in Nexus 6P, but it has OIS addition. HTC is rumored returning to UltraPixel device setup. The device expected to look similar to One M7 and One A9 respectively.

So with this new flagship device, the company is somewhat diversifying its new product lineup in synchronization with its Vive VR headset. The company already announced the price and pre order date will arrive this coming April.

HTC is now working with retailers in order to let it’s Vive VR on shelves for customers testing.

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