HTC is selling the Nexus 9 tablet at giveaway price

HTC’s Nexus 9 device was by no means a fluke or a disgrace to the Nexus line of devices but surprising enough, this smartphone failed to get the expected amount of popularity among customers. No one could say where HTC went wrong with this device, but one thing is sure, and its that they didn’t go wrong in the designs or specifications.

However, HTC is not looking to just give up on the Nexus 9 tablet just fast as the smartphone brand is hosted an impressive sale for the device. Announcing the sale which just ended on the 4th of November, the device’s diverse variants saw a huge chunk of price taken off of them in a bid to push its sales and clear HTC’s stock.

It wasn’t long after the sales started that HTC started to list the Nexus 9’s 16GB variant as being “Out Of Stock”, following a period of sales for which the device was sold for some meager $239.4 in relative comparison to its normal price tag. For a 32GB Wi-Fi only model, buyers were required to pay a sum-total of $287.4 while the 32GB LTE model went up for sale for the amount of $359.4. With the Wi-Fi only offering a color choice of White or Black, the LTE came strictly in the white color code.

You might not appreciate the bargain that HTC has given on these devices till you make some research and discover that the 32GB Wi-Fi model is sold in Google stores for $479 and sells lesser at $370 via Amazon, but none comes close to that amazing offer. The LTE model would also normally cost a massive $599 through the Google stores and $100 lesser via Amazon.

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