HTC Smartphone Ready To Outgun Samsung Galaxy S6

HTC Smartphone

HTC made high end smartphones, but despite of its innovations like dual cameras and extra large pixels, its camera performance has not lived up to performance of its competition.

HTC Smartphone
According to expert android authority personalities in the internet, HTC One M10 features 12 MP rear camera complete with a laser auto focus and a optical image stabilization.

Most people believed that this design could work fine for HTC, as its physically big pixels combined with higher resolution will result in larger overall sensor size. This was the key factor determining final image quality. So if past performance is anything to go by, HTC now is likely to pair this latest sensor with a fast, wide aperture, lens too.

As to date there is no guarantee that Ultrapixel name will mean a ‘2.0’ micrometer pixels on One M10, but it turns out to be the case, this would likely result in sensor surface area at least double of iPhone 6S, offering a potentially twice much light gathering potential.

If this turns out to be the case then the One M10 could bring about the turning point HTC’s camera performance so badly needs.

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