HTC to make ‘plastic’ version of the One (M8)?

HTC is reportedly having plans to produce a plastic-enclosed version of the All New HTC One.

The plastic version will be aimed at people who prefer holding a premium smartphone like the HTC One (M8), but in a plastic casing.

HTC to make 'plastic' version of the One (M8)
While the current HTC One (M8) with aluminum uni-body housing goes for $853 USD, the report alleged that the plastic version is to be retailed at only $483 USD, making you want to digest the whole story with a teaspoon of salt.

However, if the who drama turns out to be true, HTC will be attacking their largest competitor (Samsung) from two different sides as the metal HTC One will be costlier and more premium than the new Galaxy S5 flagship while the plastic version will be south in pricing.

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