HTC To Unveil M10 Under New Name This April 11 In London

The Annual Mobile World Conference Expo in Barcelona is approaching and it seem that majority of smartphone maker is ready to show off its flagship devices.


But not for HTC, the company has been secretive in its upcoming devices since last year, making some rumors that they are integrating its device with virtual reality device and announcing loses. But many are aware that HTC has a flagship phone to unveil this 2016.

For those who missed the update, HTC’s M10 that was codenamed “perfume”, gain popularity online as mobile tech leaker and expert post some of their expert share regarding the device.

Number of leaked photos, device specs and renders on the unit remains a puzzle to its fans, and HTC seems keeping its secret and holds no task over it. Speculations spreading that HTC will not participate this year’s MWC and to introduce its latest flagship phone.

Our sources also points out that HTC to unveil its M10 Perfume this coming April in London (this is not yet confirmed). We heard that M10 won’t stay for commercial introduction to public, but HTC will present something new in the market. The new device name, in addition HTC faced market criticism for not differentiating M8 series to M9, which lead to disappointing market sales, so this time the company is considering to change its designs in order to catch up its loses.

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