HTC’s February 2016 Financial Reports Shows Low Revenue

Financial records shows if a company was doing right or not at all, so this time we decided to share this information to our readers.

HTC’s February 2016 Financial Reports Shows Low Revenue

HTC shared its financial report for the month February 2016 with a depressing numbers. So the total company’s revenue for the current month was NT$4.2 billion ($128 million), so this was less than a half of revenue in the previous year of the same month with around NT$9.2 billion ($261 million).

This was the worst review in which it was less than 35 percent in comparison with the previous month January 2016. It seems that the company is slowing after the December Holidays.

Unhappily news for HTC, this current data is just another month in which it was already in series decreasing financial performance. For instance, the last quarter of 2015, the company has net loss of NT$3.5 billion ($101 million). The expected revenue was NT$25.7 billion ($766 million).

Many who believed that it was about HTC management that was responsible for the decreasing revenue, They ignored customers feedback in terms of phone design as well as the device pricing. The M7 was ok in terms of design, but looking at 4 megapixel camera makes it bad at all.

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