HTC’s Latest Flagship Smartphone Device Similar To Apple’s iPhone


According to a gadgets leaker Evan Blass, the next flagships if HTC’s smartphone might look a lot like its HTC One A9. And to understand better, the new device flagship from HTC is similar to iPhone 6 and 6s.


Looking back when the device was officially released in the market, HTC One A9’s is metal build and with a similar design that most user can compare with iPhone 6’s.

Indeed as we look the pictures, both devices seems similar. The HTC’s A9 front panel nearly identical with the curved glass edges, if you try to look on the HTC branding of the company it is placed above its rectangular home button compared with the iPhone’s round home button, so this would be difficult to tell differences of two phones apart.

A9’s flat back with horizontal plastic antenna and its device bands also likened to iPhone 6’s. As we can see HTC is obstinate that Apple appropriated iPhone 6’s metal design from HTC’s One M8’s all-metal smartphone.

These also represent a departure from design that HTC have keep into for two of its smartphone generations, including One M8 and One M9.

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