HTC’s Streetwear Inspired by Fashion Smartphone

While most mobile companies incorporate its technology to apparel, one Smartphone brand now adopting it to a different kind of approach, by making their handsets looking new, HTC just launched their new range of Smartphone. Each device was embellished with micro splash effect specially inspired by streetwear.

HTC’s Streetwear Inspired by Fashion Smartphone

The recent company collection, composed of 825, 530 and 630 comes in color variants that offers the something that is can be classified as personal yet stylish. The giant Japanese mobile manufacturer said to release number of what we called snap-on cases in order to fully customize the handsets, the option to customize device interface’s the color scheme based on user’s preference.

The brand new range of Desire devices features 5 Megapixel front cameras with Live Makeup feature in order to achieve perfect selfie. Additionally, each device has 16 gigabytes storage and HTC Sensor that your daily activity and can be synch to popular fitness apps, including the Google Fitness.

In the mobile market that seems to be impossible to break in, it is still intriguing to see how Smartphone developers participating it and then evolve,  the company’s strong effort for them to incorporate popular fashions into their design, a clear marketing strategy for them in order to attract new market.

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