Huawei to Sell $2 Billion Worth of Bond Offering

Huawei to Sell $2 Billion Worth of Bond Offering

One of the gaining popular tech giant Huawei Technologies Coorporation plans to raise up to $2 billion worth of funds by selling its 10 year old United States dollar denominated bond, this was the company plan in order for them to expand its mobile operation in a much larger scope.

Huawei to Sell $2 Billion Worth of Bond Offering

The Chinese giant is to challenge the Apple Incorporated and Samsung Corporation inline with the global market competition, as the company boosts its major spending in the upgrade research, marketing plans and global sales.

As to date Huawei still on the process of discussing the issue with its partnered banks, and the volume of deal that could change. Banks expected to manage bond namely the DBS Bank, the Australia and the New Zealand Group of banks, Chartered Bank and the Bank of China. According to information the deal will be completed this April.

Last month, the company issued $1 billion worth of 10 year old bond, this was according to the company. Huawei was among the big technology company that enters into a huge debt deals in order to expand its overall operation globally.

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