Huawei acquires plant to start manufacturing smartphones in India

Huawei is planning an expansion in their own home continent and with their most recent plan, they hope to start manufacturing units of their smartphone in the Indian region in time to come. To make this dream become an actualisation faster, they have teamed up with the management of Flex to start their manufacturing process in the Flex Chennai plant.

They have stated that as from the first week in the month of October, they would start the manufacture of one of the devices in the Honor line-up in the region and according to data given, their present manufacturing facility has the ability to churn out nothing less than three million units by the time the year 2017 would end. As early as the month of October also, we would start to see our first set of devices to be made in India.

In addition to this, they aim to strengthen all of their service centres in the country also with the plan to add over 200 more centres and likewise, incorporate 30 more exclusive centres all over the nation. By the end of 2016, there is plan to have up to and more than 350 distributors and 50000 retail outlets already.

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