Huawei Announces Honor 5X Priced At $199.99


Honor is Huawei’s subsidiary phone models competing Xiaomi’s low priced Smartphone models in the online market, now officially revealed Honor 5X that will be available this month for $199.99.


Perfect product for the right price, Honor 5X known as “5X” with a reasonably tempting proposition, 5X has unusual feature for its price level and take note it has fingerprint sensor. The 5.5 inches Display screen at 1080p. Phone system is run by 615 processor Snapdragon at 2GB RAM.

The phone camera has 13MP capabilities perfect for picture taking at f/2.0 lens, and enough 3,000mAh battery satisfying your day to day usage. Overall, Honor 5X will be lot more solid yet expensive.

Its phone software is its main caveat, common version of Huawei’s dubious iOS style EMUI that is seen on Mate 8, not operated by Marshmallow but instead Android Lollipop. The new model is visually brighter yet more appealing than the previous one. Honor 5X prospective patrons may not have strong thoughts on purity of stock Android, but it is difficult to see who will win with EMUI.

On the record Huawei placed on top 3 Smartphone makers on the globe, struggled to sell its phones in United State, but this time American clients and even clients moves away traditional two year contract cycle. So meaning, the inexpensive phone like Honor 5X has great potential of getting outright sales.

Pre-orders are now available at online stores like Amazon and Newegg, as stated the phone will be ship 31st of January 2016.

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