Huawei announces that it has sold over 6 million units of the P9

Huawei has most recently had the Midas touch on another one of their smartphones, and this is none other than the Huawei P9. The first major success that they recorded and released for public consumption is the fact that they managed to ship out about 2.6 million units of the P9 and P9 Plus combined and all these happened within the first six weeks of launch.

Now, they have reached a new milestone that makes this one pale in comparison and look like child’s play.
Throughout the whole world, Huawei has been able to sell nothing less than 6 million units of the P9 and this is not a leak but a number that was gotten through an official release from the company itself.

This report makes no mention of the P9 Plus so we are left to assume that this figure is only prevalent over the P9. According to the company, what endears customers most to the smartphone is the improved and enhanced photographic capabilities that it has and also, the bokeh effect that comes into play when you are taking a shot with the dual camera setup which was built with Leica, one of the best camera makers in the world.

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