Huawei intos 4.5G Smartband with 1GB per second data support

Ever thought about wearing a smartwatch or band that supports 4G on your hand? Nah, Huawei wants you to wear one which supports 4.5G.

Huawei unveils 4.5G Smartband
In London on Monday, Chinese tech giant Huawei, unveiled a smart wristband. The full specifications of the wearable are to be made known at the Mobile World Congress come up in Barcelona early next month, however, the company reveal that the device comes with a 1.4-inch OLED display, NFC, Bluetooth and a SIM slot. The device is also dust and water resistant.

“4.5G supports up to 100K per cell connections via LTE-M, 100 times that of 4G,” Huawei explained. “LTE-M also provides better coverage. Receivers require just 1/100th of the signal of existing 2G system, 20dB gain, using low-power terminals.”

There’s a high suspicion that the whole idea is a complete gimmick but then we’ll have to wait till next month for Huawei to step out and explain everything about the smartband.

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