Huawei introduces two new colours – Red and Blue – to the P9 lineup


There was the announcement of the Huawei P9 a while ago and Huawei has made another announcement alongside this to let us know that the P9 would be coming in two more colour variants which we have seen and we can consider to be very cool, trust us.

Being Blue and Red colour mixings, the smartphones posed for more pictures in these new hues and you would agree with us that what we are seeing is a very pretty device. Looking at the kind of shade on the Blue P9, it looks very much like the Coral Blue colour option that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has.

The new shade of blue looks the most interesting of the pair, just like it was the most favourite during the launch of the Note 7 also so much that they had to defer the preorders for this colour option then.

For these new colours, you would have to shell out 549 euros to be an owner of one of the new brands and they would have an internal storage space of 32GB.

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