Huawei is planning the launch of the Mate 9 soon, specs leak

Although it is very sure that Huawei would no doubt be releasing a new device that would keep carrying the Mate flag this year but as we have seen, it has not been planned to be one of the line-ups that would be used to decorate their IFA booth. This means that although we are getting it, the date is just not yet sure but we do know for sure that we would get in in the fourth quarter of this year, 2016.

Some new leaks have however been seen that claims to be the chassis of the new and upcoming smartphone and if what we have seen is true, this design would be one of the sleekest and nicest that we have ever seen on a smartphone.

These new sets of renders have view that are very close to what we have heard as regards specs, one with the rear camera having a dual setup, a fingerprint scanner above the camera and if we are lucky, the new leaks might be as close to the final design as we could ever get.

It is expected that we have a Kirin 960 processor on this year’s model instead of the 950 that we have seen on the Mate 8 and going for interesting, there could be 6GB of RAM for real. Whatever they have planned for this year though, we just hope that they remove the kind of snags that plagued the Mate 8.

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