Huawei P9 First official Images

Huawei has been secretive with its upcoming device, the P9 indeed been less confirmed for its official debut launch this coming April, well, this was quite possibly even there are multiple announcement versions on it.

Huawei P9 First official Images

But for the meantime, we have seen p9 in the news often, some individual posing live photos on the device and even more renders not just one occasion, as if your updated with the latest mobile news photos has been in the hands of company’s president.

For this time, it is our time so share image, but if you think that they will show something that we did not know, just think again. A total of three images, but we will share only one on what we think the best, with the close up and image details.

P9 obviously is built with dual camera and this has been confirmed by the company, but after all the “#OO” tagline obviously it is self explanatory. The device has fingerprint reader at a rectangular shape, rounded corners, not circle reciprocal to what as some leaks posted in the past.

The official teaser page for Smartphone countdown timer has come almost to an end, with two weeks left and Huawei P9 will be revealed.

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