Huawei P9 Missing A Software For Big Boys

Huawei P9 Missing A Software For Big Boys

P9 as Huawei’s latest smartphone device now goes head to head with the best smartphone line up of Apple and Samsung.

Huawei P9 Missing A Software For Big Boys

This was Huawei’s original aim, tagged as the first largest smartphone device manufacturer globally,  the company aims to slice large market share in the high end mobile market competition. And it shows that in 2015 the P8 was not making standout sales in the market, but for this time the P9 will be a whole different story to tell.

Huawei’s P9 was one of the best among the rest who has the amazingly designed smartphones in sold in the market. A device that has clean lines, device edges that are so smooth and it has unfussy look. So to be frank P9 was obviously eye catching looks as Samsungs curvaceous S7 Edge but in par with iPhone 6S from Apple.

The device feels like premium masterpiece. Covered with metal body, it has very smooth glass front and slightly semi rounded sides that are well made, this was a big leap over 2015’s P8. P8 made perfectly with a nice grip that you will love to hold it, a back that holds the hands making it not that slippery, this only means that this device designed to make it easy to hold compared to other metal covered device.

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