Huawei Planning To Open Innovation laboratory in Qatar

Huawei together with Ooredoo announced its plans to open Innovation laboratory which will be located in Qatar in order to boost its research in Gulf state.

Huawei Planning To Open Innovation laboratory in Qatar

Both company agreed in a signed statement both Waleed Al Sayed the Ooredoo CEO in Qatar, and Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating CEO in series major agreements that is supported by Ooredoo for them to bring an edge cutting technology.

Sayed stated that this move is an significant step for both company to move forward the future of our technology, creating research laboratory within that will explore advanced network technology.

Ooredoo was thankful with Huawei’s partnership with the project, and will look forward working for both experts share knowledge in order to break new network research.

As agreed, one of the major role of Huawei is to provide its expertise in technical support for the operation of Ooredoo’s in innovations laboratory, this includes training and knowledge support transfer both companies.

The two giant companies will have to share idea via joint process for the preparation of young talents, and organizing a technical management in order to deliver a sustainable technology results.

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