Huawei Predicted As 2016’s Market Growth Leaders In Smartphone


For Huawei, last year was indeed a step forward year. Its total shipment recorded more than 108 million smartphones devices, represented huge jump from 75 million shipped in 2014. It may not be as many as Samsung or Apple, but considering a 44% growth that the company did is pretty much impressive.

Samsung has a total of 320 million smartphones device shipped in 2015 less in 2014, and but almost certainly ship less over this year. Meanwhile, Apple predicted on its smartphone market sales drop this 2016 compared to 2015.

The result of what smartphone makers did was a clear fact that most of them are now paying attention to smartphone market as they see fortune in it.

While numbers of well known manufacturers have downsized its mobile divisions over the past months, Huawei continue to expand its operations. The Chinese manufacturer managed to use the market climate as advantage, offering high end phones at a competitive prices compared to other ‘big names’.

Huawei’s plans this year include offering up four variants next to its non-Nexus flagship, the P9. With Honor 5X having launched in US, and Huawei partnered with Google on its latest Nexus smartphone, the company’s name become more recognizable over the months. This undoubtedly led them to more smartphone sales, as company takes advantage of competitive landscape.

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