Will Huawei Replace Xiaomi This 2016?


For the first time, Chinese phone brands could squeeze and outrank its global competitors from top-five ranking on world’s suppliers in the world’s smartphone market.

The trend this year would hurt big-brand suppliers, including the Korean giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, who sells handsets based from Google’s operating system.

“The Chinese makers of Android smartphones are very strong in their home market right now,” Neil Mawston, director at technology consultancy Strategy Analytics, told China Morning Post.

Mawston expected Huawei, Xiaomi and other Chinese brands to dominate domestic market in smartphones this 2016, despite of lingering concerns about sluggish economy.
“ZTE stands a good chance of returning to the top five in China if it can expand its 4G smartphone portfolio with more models,” he said.

Data Analytics showed Xiaomi, as high flying technology start-up in Beijing, mainland’s top smartphone supplier last 2015, with 15.4 percent share on overall shipments of 67.5 million smartphone units.

The Shenzhen based Huawei, rank as China’s biggest telecommunications manufacturer, took No 2 spot with 14.2 percent share on domestic smartphone shipments of 62.2 million in past 12 months.

“Huawei has been growing rapidly in China due to extensive distribution channels and popular Android models like the Honor 7,” Mawston said.

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