Huawei Reveals its UBB White Paper

Huawei announced its Open Road to UBB 2020 during the Mobile World Congress. The content covers UBB’s vision as operators in business proposition. It covers reconstruction of its operator businesses, the operations, networks, and even the ecosystems that was previously driven by the industry development of UBB.

Huawei Reveals its UBB White Paper

So Huawei’s “Open Roads to UBB 2020″ analyzes major market opportunities and market challenges for all operators for the next years, then it provides useful suggestion based from fact and sharing practices to solve the problem.

In the recent years, there has been an extensive development from UBB industry. Around 100 network operators launched their commercial based Gigaband services. And today, the broadband standards were redesigned and even redefined not ones but twice. Technology expects a surge in a global broadband in the next four years probably early 2020.

Huawei more than 20 years experience in fixed broadband field and established partnership with majority of its global operators. Huawei is UBB industry leader and the goal of assisting all operators in achieving the 2020 transformation. So in order for the company to achieve the planned goal, Huawei formulated UBB 2020 with joint efforts more than 20 experts from fixed broadband domain. Huawei hopes to open up a discussion about great ultra-broadband era.

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