Huawei And Siemens Remarkable LTE Test

Huawei And Siemens Remarkable LTE Test

Huawei recently announced that its CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) over its Long Term Evolution partnership solution validation which the two giant mobile company Siemens and Huawei have collaborated passed interchangeability the recent testing conducted in France last 2015.

Huawei And Siemens Remarkable LTE Test

During the said testing, multiple service types, including the CBTC, the PIS (Passenger Information System), and the CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) were all carried out using a new radio technology known as LTE, laying solid foundation for final commercial roll-out on CBTC over the LTE service.

The recent collaboration of two giants started last 2015 of March when two companies discussed technical solutions on the new generation and confirmed its preliminary plans and official schedule for the cooperation of Huawei’s in Shanghai based R&D center.

Last June 2015, two companies published a joint venture plan, and cooperative team defining a solution for architecture and possibility testing in France. November 2015 the technical guidance and the onsite Huawei support, France based Siemens quickly completed its large number of series laboratory tests, where the CBTC, the PIS, and the CCTV services successfully passed over integrated air linked LTE solution.

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