Huawei Speed Test Download With Optus Reached 1.4Gbps In 4.5G Trial

Huawei a Chinese technology giant recently announced that it had attained its incredible download speed recorded t 1.41Gbps during the live trial of its 4.5G carrier network technology with Optus as partner in communications provider.

Optus Speedtest

The reported trial, completed last Wednesday in Optus’. The Newcastle saw how the company aggregate 5 x 20 MHz of Optus’ a unique network frequency signal bands, combined with 4 x 4 Multiple-Input Multiple Output and a 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation technologies.

Its peak download was about 1.23Gbps and it was achieved over live network conditions in the process of testing, both companies Huawei and Optus stated that the method has “theoretical maximum speeds” up to 1.43Gbps.

Optus added that the testing will still continue from 4G to “4.5G” network before the influx of 5G four years from now estimated 2020.

The company continues to utilize its network spectrum assets to test its network for future and in preparation for 5G.By the year 2020, it is expected that 5G will be rolled out, and the company is committed to identify its ways in order to prepare its network to support this advance technology and improve its customer experience.

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