Huawei to start the production year with the P8 Lite (2017)

Huawei to start the production year with the P8 Lite (2017)

Huawei has seen a lot of success in the past year and with this one, they would love to continue with such a fine trend. Already, they have sought to kick off their year of production and the first unit is to be the P8 Lite (2017). This is the latest from the Chinese OEM and already, it is expected to launch in a number of European markets. Even though this new unit brings on board features that beats those on the P9 Lite, we find it strange that Huawei has opted to name it after the two-year old P8 instead. Maybe, just maybe, this means that they are looking to make a refresh of the former unit also.
For specs, the new P8 Lite (2017) comes with a 5.2 inch of display and it is set at a resolution of 1080p. although it packs a glossy finish that is similar to what we have been seeing on latest Honor units, it is unlike what has been used for the P8 and P9 series in the past.
Going further under the hood, there is the mid-range Kirin 655 chipset and an octa core processor to boot. There is also 3GB of RAM in there and an expandable 16GB internal storage space. For the camera sensors, the front carries an 8MP unit and that is paired to the 12MP camera out back. Drawing power from the 3000mAh battery, the smartphone would be based on the Android Nougat 7.0 platform.

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