Huawei teases new fast charge tech – 48% in 5 minutes

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Tech company, Huawei, has revealed it is working on what might be the next ground breaking fast charge technology as the Huawei’s Watt Lab has in a new video teased a fast charge technology which gives as much as 48 percent in just 5 minutes.

The setup for the charge however is a little bit unconcentional as 50 minutes into the released video, the good stuff on how best to juice your device starts.

The video shows the battery having more connectors than the regular battery loaded on phones today therefore employing the concept of subdivision wherein the each battery charges as a separate entity.

Although the trick isn’t as new as you might think, but it comes in effective and to say the least, does the job.

However, there is a catch in that this procedure cannot be adopted with the conventional charging method as the battery has to be pulled out of the phone and charged in an external device.

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