Huawei To Triumph Over Xiaomi In Smatphone Market this 2016

Huawei to overtook Xiaomi

The China’s tech giant Huawei may triumph over Xiaomi Technology as the largest smartphone manufacturer and vendor in China’s mobile market this 2016 by optimizing its brand with improved image and production of new device series, this information was according to our sources from its handset supply chain in Taiwan.

Huawei to overtook Xiaomi

In terms of global smartphone market, Huawei already reach its goal to overtake Xiaomi in top smartphone sales last 2015 with shipments that reach around 108 million equivalent to 14.5 percent.

But based from China market record, the data shows that Xiaomi still on the top with 64.9 million units sold at 15 percent market share last 2015 and Huawei has 62.9 or 14.5 percent in same period of sales.

For this year, the China based giant company Huawei plans to surpass its shipments with Xiaomi. The company strengthen its focus on telecom equipment and smartphone sales, while Xiaomi on the other hand will expand its product line series. The expansion includes artificial intelligence products like robot and drones for this year.


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