Huawei working with Google again to create a 7 inch, 4GB RAM tablet

We want to talk about another Pixel smartphone that could see a release from Google soon and for now, don’t even let your mind wander towards either of the Pixel or Pixel XL. If what is being turned out by the rumour mill is anything to go by, then you should know that there is the possibility of there being a launch of a tablet that would join the Pixel C in its line-up.

When it comes to anything phones, one of our trusted tipsters in person of Evan Blass has suggested that there’s the possibility that Huawei is working closely with Google again for the development of a 7-inch tablet which would pack 4GB of RAM and that by the end of this year, stores should have it on their shelves already. No additional details were given on this one and the fact that Evan himself didn’t refer to it as a Nexus tablet suggests that truly, that naming system might have been thrown into the abyss.

This would not be the first time that Huawei would be working with Google with the most recent that comes to mind being the partnership that bore the Nexus 6P, one of the best – if not the best – Nexus smartphone that we have ever seen.

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