Huawei and Xiaomi tangled in war of…words

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While Apple’s #bendgate scandal is slowly going away, another storm is seems to be brewing in the other corner of the smartphone world.

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, recently took to his Weibo account to accuse Huawei for witch-hunting his company by sending torrents of abuses directed to the former’s products. The billionaire CEO went on to ask his contemporary at Huawei to check on his boys and see that they don’t cause a problems on the relationship between the two Chinese phone makers.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has since denied the allegation, saying that he has found no evidence of his employees tarnishing Xiaomi. However, he didn’t deny there were planned online insults on Xiaomi.

Jun replied, saying he is gathering evidence to show that the abuses were from Huawei.


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