Huawei’s Budget Phone Honor 5X To Crack United States Market?

Huawei one of the world’s biggest smartphone device maker has its growth way back 2015, except for one country wherein it remains at unknown the United States Market. So the company is working hard in order to change the situation by producing budget smartphones at a level of high-end.

Huawei's Budget Smartphone

Huawei recently launched Honor series in United States during the recent 2016 CES without fuss and mention of its parent company during the press conference. For those in the market who did not know much with the device, this would be difficult for us to tell that Huawei is behind the Honor brand.

The main reason having it on different brand is just to separate its premium devices, such as Huawei Mate 8, from its cheaper devices, like Honor 5X.  But however, there are secondary basis that centers on Huawei’s brand in U.S. that appears to be tarnishing because of its China origin, which prevented its company from selling equipment in United States.

Huawei’s first Honor line series hits United States market at $199 starting price and now on sale at online store. So to go directly, Honor 5X at $200 many can even get lot of unit and that true.

For those who loved phone with big screen, the phone is 5.5 inches HD screen, 13 MP camera and a finger print sensor that is covered in metal at 3Gb RAM, these typical features are normal of course of would expect at $200 smartphone.

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