Huawei’s Stunning P9 and P9 Plus Smartphone with Leica Camera

Huawei is  among the big Smartphone Company name in the mobile market, especially in China, Huawei has its huge resources in terms of disposal and not limited to consumer mobile space.

Huawei P9

The company also develops its wireless networks, infrastructure, LTE technologies and builds own chips for its mobile. And to say Huawei is a phone company with self produced hardware.

For few years, Huawei afterthoughts many consumers, playing fiddle to large mobile brands like LG, Apply, Samsung, and HTC. But all started to change 18 months ago when company began grabbing headlines for its innovative device.

It started when the company announced Mate 8 that was noted as one of the best mobile performers that was tested by mobile experts last year, some might have issues with it’s out of the box software but talking about its hardware and the device performance, you will not doubt with it.

So when rumours about Huawei’s next thing the P9 began then started to surface that makes its fans become excited. Huawei built the best Nexus device to date in form of Nexus 6P. Building this from P9 seemed to take the type of handset that tick and turn to eleven. As the device was launched last year it made a good feedback in the mobile market by hitting up the reviewers with a positive result.

The device has the looks, performance and even the imaging capabilities that will match and even surpass the competition in the mobile market.


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