Huawei’s Y5 II Has Similar Features Over The last Line-up

The upcoming P9 variants from Huawei gains much attention in the mobile market, the giant Chinese mobile manufacturer has undeniably number of device in its pipeline including the 2015 entry level Y5.

Huawei’s Y5 II Has Similar Features Over The last Line-up

According to the information that we manage to get, the Y5 II from Huawei will undergo series of upgrades, this updates will ensure that the consumer interest on this line up will be satisfied.

So for those who just managed to read this, , Y5 II has features tagged as faster processor, though the benchmarking score was not based on apples to apples evaluation. In which its first edition was powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon with a total of four cores that are running at maximum 1.1GHz each, the said device successor have changes the CPU vendors into MediaTek and now its 1.3GHz quad-core.

The second generation increases device dimensions and the resolution— from 4.5 inches LCD to 5 inches, 720p variety with switching. The device memory remains 1GB RAM and 8GB internal capacity.

What surprise us most was that, despite of being large in size, Y5 II weighs just 135 grams from 142 grams on its first Y’s.

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