Huna is Cortana for China, will be introduced July 30th

In a bid to make sure that no one is left out, Microsoft will introduce a special edition of it’s new Windows Phone 8.1 virtual assistant, Cortana, for some “special” regions.

Cortana Huna
China is one of the regions getting a special Cortana. In the world’s most populous nation, the voice assistant will be known and referred to as “Huna” which will be easier for the Chinese to call as the name “Cortana” seems an uphill task (no offense) for most Chinese folks to pronounce.

Huna is Cortana for China
Huna will be unveiled in China come the 30th of this month, and MS is already sending out specially designed invitation cards for the event. Heres’s the back of the invite looking like the cover of fly Windows Lumia smartphone:
Huna is Cortana for China2

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