IDC: Samsung smartphone fortunes are dwindling

The quarterly mobile phone numbers from IDC are in once again. This time, the spotlight is shinning on Samsung but not for positive reasons –the number one phone vendor (in terms of sales numbers) is fast loosing it’s foothold in the smartphone market.

IDC smartphone share Q2 2014
The Korean phone producer lost almost 4% of it’s market share (year-on-year) in the worldwide global smartphone share according to IDC.

Samsung down trend
It’s fiercest rivals Apple gained from the fall, but not as much as Chinese rivals Huawei who almost most doubled their fortune from the 2nd quarter of last year.

VP of Samsung Mobile JK Shin has already expressed concerns about the company’s dwindling control over the smartphone market.

“For goodness’ sake let’s get things done while working within the realm of common sense,” Mr. Shin reportedly told senior managers that “it’s better to not make anything at all than to make it in a laughable way.”

He was making reference to Samsung’s  ideology of making plenty, similar-looking smartphones which has been termed ‘another day another galaxy’ by critics.

Samsung is quickly making some drastic changes in their camp. The chief behind the design of Galaxy phones for the past years was recently booted and a new phone — the metal Samsung Galaxy Alpha — particularly different  from what Samsung has been making will soon be unveiled

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