Ignore No More: Mum develops app that can lock your child’s phone till he/she calls you

children with smartphone

Are you are parent? Have you ever been given that silent treatment by your child or ward when he/she decides to ignore your calls?

children with smartphone
If yes, you can agree the insult is best imagined. But then, an angry New York mum know how you feel, because her child was probably rejecting her calls when she needed to talk.

Sharon Standifird developed an app that will put you authority even when you are not there. It will lock up your child’s phone on your command until the phone’s owner gives up and calls you.

Ignore No More scrn
The app, named Ignore No More, is available on Google’s Android OS which is the platform for most Samsung Galaxy smartphones, LG, Sony and Motorola smartphones. Nothing was mentioned for iPhones for now as they run on Apple’s iOS platform.

Ignore No More scrn (2)Ignore No More scrn (3)Ignore No More scrn (4)
Parents can lock their children’s devices using a control version of the app installed on their own smartphone. Ignore No More is available on Google Play Store for $1.99.

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