Improved Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 leaked.


We have been speculating this for a while now but with the release of these new photos, it seems that Samsung is actually planning something big for its Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 devices. This is because new models that are currently in development and just recently took a trip to GFXBench where some of the trademark specs were tested and they offer to be total revamps to the technology offered by their respective predecessors.

With naming yet to be announced for any of these devices, the model number for these devices have been revealed (as we have earlier reported likewise) to be the SM-A310 and the SM-A510 devices, bearing some semblance to the model numbers on the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 respectively.

From what we have gotten on GFXBench, the upgrade to the Galaxy A5 would, asides featuring a 5.2 inch of screen, a 1080 display and run on a Samsung made Exynos 7 processor. There would be a 5MP snapper on the front of this device and a rear camera of 12MP as well as 2GB of RAM

As for the Galaxy A3 upgrade, we would be seeing a lesser screen at 4.7 inch with a 720p display. There would be a lesser 1.5GB of RAM as compared to the Galaxy A5 but have the same rear-to-front camera combination.

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