India’s Ultra Low $4 Smartphone

In update to what we have posted last month about the Indian based handset manufacturing company about its super low budget handsets.

Indias 4 dollar smartphone


The cheap Indian based handsets 4G Smartphone priced at $44.60 and 3G dubbed Freedom 251 with a price tag of $3.80!

The February 18th device launch invaded most of mobile headlines across worlds that have featured high profile guests in the mobile business. As what we report the company has 30,000 pre-orders just on the first day alone, forcing to suspend its orders.

But till to date, no one had ever tried to market a Smartphone less than $4. Let me ask you, what would you expect at a 4$ Smartphone? So with this simple query I decided to conduct my investigation. From start the Freedom 251 did not seems to be right: though its expected delivery date was set this June 2016, so it will be impossible for us to conduct review on the unit when we don’t have actually one. I decided to reach out Ringing Bells’ in charge in media relations team, but all I get was a repeatedly stonewalled.

Reports surfaced on the internet indicating review units available weren’t Freedom 251s. it was Adcom Ikon 4s, with a $61 price tag handset that was developed by Delhi based company, manufactured in China, and currently available in market.

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