InnJoo One: Reasons why you should NEVER buy this phone

Just recently, we got the information that Dubai-based phone vendor, InnJoo, has unveiled a brand new device which they call the InnJoo One — or InnJoo One 3G HD and InnJoo One 4G when talking about the two variants. Even though both devices are practically the same (save for the slightly different processors), we’d like precisely to talk about the InnJoo One 3G HD, the model which will be available in the Nigerian market.

InnJoo One review
Call this review biased or not, this article was written from the point of view that you should NEVER buy this phone, especially when you are living in Nigeria. So, let’s give you a rundown of 5 reasons why should not buy the InnJoo One:

Cheap looking

Despite costing higher than its supposed rivals in the mid range section, the InnJoo One looks like a substandard Chinese clone in real life (that’s exactly what it is actually). Forget the doctored and filtered pictures you see on the Web, we heard units of the phones were given out to bloggers in return for nice worded reviews and we managed to get a copy from one of these bloggers to see what the fuss was all about.

Press shot vs meh..
Press shot vs meh..

Heck, the device looks nothing like what’s on print. In fact, I suspect that by the time wear and tear starts to tell on this phone, you will probably not like to imagine what will happen. Furthermore, the absence of a visible home button but very large bezel at the bottom of the screen makes the phone look like an unfinished product.


InnJoo One uses a new OS, or rather, a user interface based on a forked Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM, developed by InnJoo of course. They call it the InnOS and the UI lags as the F word. Though part of the UI looks neat and pretty smart, the user experience was pretty much cloggy and the last time it wasted such time to launch apps was when I, out of  flair for tech, curiosity got a TV phone — those gigantic Chinko phones with antenna for “live TV”. What I did to the TV phone afterwards I can’t remember but the experience didn’t last up to an hour. Also, the presence of too much bloatware on the pre-loaded app list made up for some of the unsteady user experience the phone offers.

Rip off, yet too costly

If you’ve read about the InnJoo One before now, you ought to have known that Jumia and InnJoo copied the Infinix Zero — a nice, inexpensive smartphone — to produce their One. But then, despite looking less premium and packing similar/less superior specs to the Infinix handset, the InnJoo One costs a whooping ₦27,999, that’s 4,000 naira (roughly $20) north of the Zero.

Too many gimmicks

InnJoo One apps
Just like already discussed, the phone has too much bloatware — apps with little or no value to the user but occupies space and is usually non-removable. And oh, don’t let the big grammar confuse you, the DragonTrail glass on the either sides of this phone will shatter upon contact with a hard surface. But then, InnJoo is not to be blamed about this, since the competitor smartphone, Infinix Zero, has glass (superior Gorilla Glass 3) on its back, “why don’t we put glass on this why and see why it won’t sell?”

Lack of customer service

InnJoo does not have a single service or show room in Nigeria (at least based on my knowledge and research). When other phone vendors like Samsung and Gionee are busing setting up more customer solution points towards the booming smartphone market in the country, InnJoo is thousands of miles away in Dubai pupping up sales via Jumia Nigeria who will not repair your handset in case of any damage and will hardly replace your factory-defective product (stories are on the web and around you).


We’ll not spend the whole day ranting about the InnJoo One since we’ve got thousands of other phones out there to cover, however, this phone is never a good buy according to our own point of view. If you are going to spend your money on a phone with these kind of specs, you’d rather go for the Infinix Zero or any other mobile phone which wouldn’t make you rage over your money.

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  1. Hiya Best mob people, obviously you are paid to do shit reviews of other devices. I you attempt to remove this post, I promise to repost every 3 hours and we go see who go tire.

    For starters, you argue about it being cheap looking. How about telling people that you lifted that random handheld snapshot from naijatechguide. How about showing better quality pics from other sites. A graphical advert will always look better than the real thing, even samsung s6. Take a pic urself and tell us its cheap looking.

    2. How will an Octa-core 2GB ram device which trumps Infinix Zero and and Tecno Phantom Z on Antutu benchmarks be laggy? Check other blogs for info on this and yo’ll find out. Bestmobs, you lie!!!

    3. You say it is a rip-off at the given specs? You are jokers! I say nothing more!!

    4. Gimmicks? every android phone maker looks to apply a touch of uniqueness to allow for differentiation from competitiors, gone are the days of stock android OS. Let users google dragontail glass used on Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2, Z3 phones.I bet it shatters anyhow on those devices too.

    5. Customer service? Innjoo users will inform you of regular forum updates on the latest innjoo information recieved OTA on innjoo phones, they have a decent online forum for posting questions and challenges. An outlet at Ikeja, no research conducted yet u speak BS!

    6. In conclusion, you fart from your mouth, and this article is smelly, do a better job, I’m ashamed you are using your client’s money in an unworthy manner, then again, you probably didn’t have much to go by.

  2. With all the associated problem of sim slot , hotness and poor battery people are saying injoo? Are they sincere?

  3. after reading the reviews on Jumia website I ordered one and the phone is not as good as they claim yet costlier than Infinix Zero which I gave to my brother before ordering this device.

  4. The fact that you may have your point, try to work with facts.

    I Love ur review but u messed up when u said they don’t have a customer care in Nigeria. Fyi they have one in Lagos, so research that well and update ur post

  5. Darn it! The Innjoo One didn’t even live for 72hrs before it packed up. ‪#‎Geek‬ ‪#‎Bootloop‬ ‪#‎Software‬ ‪#‎Android‬

  6. If you actually want to read a review from someone who have actually touched the phone you can go here *spam message removed*

  7. If you’re looking for an absolutely easy website to read about phones then this site is the best. Thank you bestmobs.

  8. I currently use innjoo Note and it’s a superb device no regret so far even though I wish to upgrade to innjoo One.

    1. I use the Innjoo Note, and its a smooth device with great Battery… But it always hangs or crash when ever you open certain Apps like MX Player and some HD games

  9. Yes the inn os does still need some work to do but its not laggy at all.
    My observation is that the battery (at least on mine)is not as great as they claims it is.
    Thank You.

  10. pls. i ordered this device and know i read your review and i’m total confuse. can i reject the order on delivery hence its pay on delivery?

  11. innjoo is a very good phone am using the leap no doubt infinix is good but just Know nothing is perfect they all have their wahalas

  12. innjoo is a very good phone am using the leap no doubt infinix is good but just Knw nothing is perfect they all have their wahalas

  13. Well said! In ur comment which are somehow true sha, you kept endorsing infiniz without telling us about the regular mouthpiece problem regularly associated with infiniz smartyz…

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