Innjoo phones: Innjoo i1, i1s and i2 smartphones preview

InnJoo i1s smartphone

Innjoo, Injoo, Innjo? What the eff is Innjoo?

If you are still on those questions then you need to be brought to update because Innjoo is still a relatively new brand, but with stock that can oust industry heavyweights if care is not taken.

What am I saying?

I’m saying that Innjoo is different from you regular phone startup. These guys seem to have the correct drive that can steer the boat to the great sales and awards.

The Innjoo of a vendor seems not to care for the profit. Innjoo smartphones (the ones we’ve seen) bear very impressive specs-to-price margins.

InnJoo i1s smartphone
Take for example, the Innjoo i1s which goes for just about $92. The specs are nearly shocking at that price — 5″ FWVGA IPS touchscreen, 1GB of RAM, a 5MP main camera and front-facing VGA camera.

Affordable is cheap, right?

In my last review article, the issue of affordability being taken as cheap was treated. Oftentimes, inexpensive products deem to be of low standard.

We assume that some premium producers beg to differ on this negative principle and we already know that Innjoo phones are affordable. But then, are Innjoo phones cheap?

You’ll find out about that when I settle to lay my hands on an Innjoo smartphone (probably an i1s or an i2) for a review tear down.


  1. Please me and my brother got this phone from jumia late last year but the two is not working for a long time now please where can we fix it here in lagos we can’t get the parts

  2. I wish to really enjoy my innjoo i1s, but have not since one year that i got it. The battery life is terrible, even after the trickle stage charging, it can’t even last for a half day. I also try to put off several apps and reduce the brightness to see if it’l improve, but no! What is your advice?

  3. purchase the INJOO i2s from Jumia nigeria on 11/11/2014. it was so great in browsing and the picture quality was good.surprise to me the phone went blank,no power on 10/03/2015.less than 4 months from date of purchase,without falling from a height.Too sad.I now call it toy phone.NOT DURABLE.

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